Emma Bridgewater’s Novel Portable Sampler DAB + FM Radio

Introducing a new portable Sampler (retro style) DAB+FM radio from Emma Bridgewater.

This desirable retro radio features a leather border and handle, which makes it practical as well as beautiful.

The radio features:

FM + DAB radio reception and 10 presets.

Charges and plays iPods and iPhones.

Dual alarm that wakes you with a buzzer, radio or iPhone.

Sleep and Snooze modes.

Battery powered option with a 15Hr. life.

Two 10W speakers.

AUX-in – 3.5mm.

The radio will be available in-store and online from 15th April at the Emma Bridgewater website. Priced at £130.00.

Go to the website for further information on the novel Emma Bridgewater portable sampler radio.

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