Vorwerk Launches An Innovative Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vorwerk has just introduced the Kobold VR100 Robot their  automated vacuum cleaner, declaring that it will revolutionise vacuuming.

Technology enthusiasts and the house-proud are sure to favour this intelligent machine, which when started will automatically vacuum both carpets and hard floors

Compact and well designed, the Robot works with advanced laser technology that plots its environs, allowing it to methodically and independently remove dirt,pet hair and dust, even when the occupant isn’t at home.

  • The machine also features powerful suction, rotating brushes, a long-life battery and the dexterity to manoeuvre into corners, close to skirting boards, and below furniture.
  • You can pre-set the Robot to clean at a specific time during the day, or take care of a precise zone.
  • Its smart sensors ensure that it won’t harm furniture, miss any zone, or fall down stairs; if its battery is running low while cleaning, it ingeniously goes back to its charging component, then restarts precisely from where it left off.

The Robot is an up-to-the-minute and useful tool that enables you to relax in comfort, while it takes care of the hard work.

Supplied in Vorwerk’s brand colours of zingy green and glossy white and available exclusively from VK Direct. Priced at £649.

Weight: approximately 5kg.  Measures: 32.5 x 31 x 10 cm.  Noise level: 70dB.

For further detailed information on the Kobold VR100 Robot vacuum cleaner, please visit the VK Direct website.

You can also see the Robot automated vacuum cleaner in action here:



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