New Smarter One For All Universal Remote Control Launched

In response to consumer demand for remote controllers for set-top boxes, digital TV and other media equipment that are easier to set up and use, One For All has introduced its latest Universal Simple 4 remote control.

The Simple 4 URC 6440 can be set in about 30 seconds, by just pressing a few buttons, to control up to four media devices.

The chip within the Simple 4 holds the codes for the majority of A/V devices, as well as all the main brand names.

In addition, One For All has now launched , an online tool that enables you to add new codes to ensure compatibility with future new models.

No registration or software is required for, which contains the codes for 300,000 models and 6,000 brands.

It is both PC and Mac compatible, with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Google and Internet Explorer.  Just input the brand and the Simple 4 is programmed after a few key presses.

Automatic CombiControl permits the Simple 4 to control all of your apparatus without changing between device types:

  • For instance, press ‘Watch TV’ then the keypad is programmed to deal with TV controls like mute and volume – and satellite/cable instructions, such as info and programme guide.
  • Press ‘watch movie’ causes the remote to control the Blu-ray or DVD functions as well as the normal TV commands.  All devices turn off together when the Off button is pressed.
  • Having a fourth key, allows you to add an extra device, like a media centre, iPod audio dock, or amplifier.
  • The One For All Simple 4 is available in white and silver.
  • It’s backlit with a proximity sensor that causes the keys to glow amber when you are close to it, even before it’s picked up – useful if viewing in subdued lighting!  Priced at only £21.99.

The Simple 3 is also new and provides most of the functions in the Simple 4, apart from the facility for adding a fourth device. It is supplied in gloss black priced at £17.99.

Simple remotes to control only 1 or 2 devices are also available.

The Simple range is available this month from most electrical superstores.

For further information on the One For All Simple 4 URC 6440 remote control, visit the website.

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