Nabaztag, The Rabbit Meets Ladybird Books

Nabaztag, The Revolutionary Rabbit Meets Ladybird Books Ladybird, (the Penguin Group) and Violet, the pioneer in ambient devices and Internet objects, have formed a new partnership to bring traditional books to a new life, combining the best of both material and digital worlds.

By utilising the newest advancements in digital technology, the Nabaztag Rabbit is now able to recognize a real book and read it aloud!

The Nabaztag WiFi enabled Rabbit was launched in 2005 to widespread critical acclaim; the device is permanently connected to the Internet and can act, react, transmit or broadcast many types of content available on the net, – news, messages, music, text, alerts, radio etc. – he also obeys voice commands and recognizes objects.

From September this year, The Nabaztag Rabbit will also be sold with three Ladybird Books: Goldilocks and the Three Bears; Cinderella and The Elves and the Shoemaker, which it will be able to read aloud, thanks to a Ztamp* system designed by Violet.

You can navigate through the chapters of the story by moving the Rabbit’s ears; this book even has a memory, so that the next time you present the book to Nabaztag, the Rabbit remembers the chapter where it stopped previously.

Recommended retail price for Nabaztag + 3 Ladybird books from Penguin: £ 115.
Recommended retail price for Ladybird Tales with Ztamp: £3.99 each.
Recommended retail price for Nabaztag: £90.

Nabaztag will be available with Ladybird Tales from mid-September 2008.


*Ztamp – Nabaztag is fitted with an RFID chip reader. The Ztamp looks like a small postage stamp that you can stick onto any item you want Nabaztag to recognize.

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