Monodraught’s Solar Powered Ventilation System

Monodraught’s Solar Powered Home Ventilation SystemThe Residential Sola-boost home ventilation system is designed to address the current trend towards tightly sealed, highly insulated homes, which suffer from overheating during summer months.

This ventilation systen combines highly efficient natural ventilation and a solar driven fan to provide true energy free operation, which reduces household energy bills and improves the carbon footprint.

Since warm air naturally rises to accumulate at ceiling level, this system should ideally be positioned above the stairs or landing, to allow warm air to be vented naturally out to atmosphere.

Solar power is converted to electricity to drive an ultra-quiet, high efficiency fan, which carries an air stream down into the room below through a central duct.
Conversely, the fan can be designed to act as a solar powered extractor to expel air from the space.

Another feature of the system’s unique design is that free night-time cooling can be achieved in summer months, simply by leaving the dampers open overnight; this allows cool night air to flow down from the rooftop, while any excess heat build up, is naturally vented by the Residential Sola-boost unit.

 In winter, the dampers can remain closed or left 5% open to give trickle ventilation.

Simplicity of design enables the Sola-boost system to be fitted to any roof design and the top solar panel section is adjustable to suit any one of four angles.
The system is guaranteed for 10 years.


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