Lutron’s Dimmers Offer Greater Control And Sleeker Looks

Lutron’s Dimmers Offer Greater Control And Sleeker Looks A room can be completely transformed by lighting, yet the control of it via dimmers remains one of the most overlooked and underused aspects of home interior design.
Quality dimmers – such as those from Lutron, whose founder invented the electronic dimmer in 1961 – can be used in rooms to create dramatic or subtle changes of ambience, to suit both mood and occasion.

Dimmer switches also help save energy, as dimming a bulb’s light output will normally reduce its energy consumption and extend its life, whilst having only a minimal change in perceived light levels. By dimming lights by 10%, it is possible to save around 10% of energy.

What makes Lutron’s dimmers stand out, is an over-riding commitment to technology and design – which results in a significant ‘step-up’ from the usual dimmer experience.
This is because Lutron’s dimmers are designed by some of America’s best engineers, are made using top-quality materials and finally are tested far above industry standards.

This high-end engineering is complemented by a range of stylish, snap-on faceplates, to ensure the dimmers look as good as they function.

Lutron doesn’t offer the ‘clunky’ rotary switch system – instead, it provides more contemporary looks and greater control via slide, tap and Infrared functions.

The range includes:

  • The slide-function Lyneo; Priced from £22.50 to £151.00.
    The digital tap and IR-function Rania; Priced from £60.00 to £204.00.
    The ‘Solina’, a dimmer for floor or table lamps; Priced from £32.00 to £40.00.

Lutron products are really easy to install – and come in a range of stylish colours and models.
More information can be found via:
Tel: (020) 7702 0657

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