Honeywell’s Evohome Creates The Ideal Home Comfort Zone

Evohome Heating ControlHoneywell has introduced evohome, a new smart home heating solution that looks after the control, efficiency and comfort of your home central heating.

Evohome works by Zoning:

It enables you to set the temperature for all of the rooms in your home, as well as programme the on and off schedule for your heating and manage your hot water.

Comfort – evohome allows you to effectively and simply increase control of heating for your comfort in every room in the home..

Control – You can construct your own heating programme that reflects your way of life, how you make use of your home and create zones in the home that can be controlled as one section.

Mobile – you can also control your heating with your tablet or smartphone. for complete comfort and efficiency, which means that you are at all times in control of your central heating system, no matter where you are.

The Heart of the evohome system is the controller, an easy to manage panel that enables you to set the temperature in all of the rooms in your house, from everywhere in the home.

Energy Saving – 82% of energy used in a home is consumed by hot water and heating, so it is essential to reduce your expensive heating bills, by managing your heating in every room, as required for optimum efficiency and comfort.

Zone HeatingUsing evohome smart zoning to improve your basic thermostat and timer controls, could provide a saving of up to 40% on warming the home.

It makes perfect sense only to heat the areas at home that you are actually using.

evohome lets you plan smart zones in the home, such as the kitchen and dining room, or all the bedrooms, so that you are cosy in the rooms in use, while the heat is turned down in those that are not.

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