Guide To The Benefits Of An Intelligent Home System

Guide To The Benefits Of An Intelligent Home System Here is a straightforward guide to the benefits of having an intelligent home automation system – covering ‘what it is’ and ‘what it can achieve in your home’; how it can increase family security, save energy and afford more comfort.

The Comfort Intelligent Home System brings together an integrated intruder alarm with home automation that controls lighting, heating, curtains and blinds, appliances, audio and video, all cleverly functioning together.

It is controlled from keypads, touch-screens, remote controls, a mobile phone, by computer, or automatically via preset time programmes.

Comfort is uncomplicated to manage and provides security, convenience energy saving and peace of mind as a bonus!

Features of the Comfort Intelligent Home System include:

  • Control any electrical device connected to the system.
  • Switch on the garden lights.
  • Create mood lighting with different lighting scenes.
  • “Magic” a hidden TV from a fake bookcase.
  • Heat up the bath water or hot tub.
  • Hear reminder messages on a talking keypad.
  • Open or draw the curtains or blinds.
  • Check on home security remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Have your lighting and appliances respond automatically, to alarms or security events.
  • Check all is well around your house via a computer screen.
  • Talk to a visitor at the door, before you let them in, from a keypad, home phone, or by your mobile when you are out.
  • Comfort is also ideal for assisted living applications, such as checking on the elderly or disabled.

View the system via a 5-minute Comfort video at:

For further information about the exceptional Comfort Intelligent Home System, or to find a UK dealer, please visit the website.

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