evohome Domestic Heating Control System Launched In UK

Controller1evohome, a leading global heating control manufacturer has launched its new evohome system, consisting of controller, hot water and heating kits plus accessories in the UK.

So consumers can now benefit from a touch screen controlled programmable thermostat in full colour, operable via their mobile phone, all over the world.

How the evohome Heating Control System works:

Zoning – Set the heating level in any room in the home, program your heating to switch on and off and manage your hot water.

Comfort – The evohome system allows you to effectively and simply exert additional control in every room and you can also create zones that can be controlled as one region.

Mobile – evohome enables you to control your heating wherever you are, with your tablet or smartphone, to give absolute comfort and efficiency .

Controller 2At the heart of the evohome system is the controller, featuring an easy to use panel that permits you to set the temperature for any room in the home — from everywhere in the home.

82% of energy used in the home is consumed by hot water and heating, so it makes sense to reduce your heating costs, by managing your heating room by room and in so doing increase comfort as well as efficiency.

By upgrading your basic thermostat controls and timer, using evohome smart zoning you could deliver up to 40% savings in the heating of your home.

Radiator zoning kits can now be pre-ordered for delivery in April, for those who wish to apply smart zoning by means of their radiators.

For more detailed information about the smart new evohome system and to find your nearest installer, go to the website.

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