Control Your Home Central Heating From Anywhere.

Image3 Introducing the PassivLiving Heat System, which is a professionally installed remote controlled heating system that replaces your existing heating controls and thermostat and enables you to manage your central heating boiler more efficiently.

At present you probably have to estimate when you require the boiler to switch on in the morning and struggle with complicated on/off timers for your hot water.

PassivLiving Heat is intended to change the way energy is used in your home, by enabling you to manage your existing oil, gas or LPG heating system, whether at home or away.

This highly developed remote control system permits you to observe and control the consumption of energy in the home, with one press of a button.

When away – The PassivLiving Mobile App lets you manage your heating no matter where you are; so you can remotely:

  • Check and alter the heating level of your home via the remote control thermostat.
  • Change your system’s occupancy schedule.
  • Monitor, set or change vacation settings.
  • Track the warmth in your home at any time.

Passiv Living1Occupancy – Almost every bit of PassivLivingâ„¢ Heat depends upon how you live. So when using this system, your house will continually be in 1 of 4 occupancy situations:

  • In – means people are at home and they are awake.
  • Asleep – indicates everybody at home is in bed.
  • Out –   means nobody at home.
  • Away –   (vacation) indicates that your home is unoccupied for a long period.

Therefore all you have to do, is instruct the PassivLiving remote control when you intend to be IN, OUT, ASLEEP or AWAY.

You just input your weekly or daily schedule at home and PassivLiving will manage the rest.

In the event that one-day you arrive home early, or plan an early night, you simply change the system by means of the Mobile PassivLiving App on your smartphone. So no matter where you are, you have complete control.

The PassivLiving Heat System is transforming the way people control heating their homes, thus saving energy and costs.

Image4This Advanced Heating Control could save you up to 23% per year**

Available for purchase now, priced at £249, and get professional fitting for FREE, if you buy prior to end of February.

For more detailed information about the benefits of the PassivLiving Heat System and how it works, go to the website.

** Average heating energy savings seen for a typical household, in Passiv Systems’ year long trial.

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