Clear The Remote Jumble With New Xsights

 Clear The Remote Jumble With New Xsights One in two UK households (49%) has five or more remote controls, and in 25% of them,only one user knows how to operate the audio visual equipment properly.

One For All, worldwide market leaders in universal remotes, is looking to simplify all that, with the launch of
The Xsight Lite and Xsight Plus – affordable and easy-to-use alternatives to the jumble of remotes on the coffee table.

Controlling six or twelve different devices, the new Xsights bring advanced functions to the mass market for the first time, with a price tag of under £50.

Xsight can be set up simply, straight out the box; advanced commands and customisation can be programmed via your PC, once the basic operation is complete.

Instant set up on the remote itself takes just a few moments:

For more advanced features, connect the Xsight to One For All’s EZ-RC website via a PC; the set up wizard guides you through settings such as activities, favourites and profiles, as well as checking online for updates.

For example, you can watch a DVD by pressing just one button to turn on the TV, DVD player and amplifier; select the right inputs; switch the TV format to widescreen; and play…!

The easy set-up process means no manual is needed and Xsight supports virtually every audio-visual device available – over 2800 brands – thanks to One For All’s vast code library.

With more feature-rich products now available – such as Internet TV, 3D and EPG – this means that more buttons and control commands are needed per device.

This requires more programming flexibility (for example, which functions to use or not to use). One For All has taken note by moving to screen-based control solutions – because you can’t fit 100 keys onto one remote!

In addition, the speed of innovation and new hardware coming to market, means there’s an ongoing need to update remotes with the latest control codes. One For All’s database is the most comprehensive available and all Xsight remotes have fully upgradeable firmware.

The Xsight Lite and Xsight Plus are new low-cost additions to a successful range of universal remotes:

The Xsight Lite supports six different a/v devices, six activities and 12 favourites. It has a 1.44″ high res. colour LCD screen in a high gloss housing. SRP is £39.99.

The Xsight Plus is the big brother of the Xsight Lite. It supports 12 devices, 12 activities and 24 favourites. The 1.44″ high res colour screen sits in an aluminium and high gloss housing, and is backlit. SRP is £49.99.

The new Xsights will be available from Currys, PC World and online at Amazon.
For further information about the new One For All remotes, please visit the website

Xsight online wizard guides.

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