Optimum Wine Preservation From Sub Zero

 Optimum Wine Preservation From Sub ZeroCombining high-quality design with premium storage, Sub-Zero’s wine preservation units, are the optimum way to safeguard and display a valued collection of wine, until it is ready to be enjoyed.

All key storage factors have been taken into consideration including, temperature and humidity control, light protection and anti-vibration to pioneer optimum cellar and serving conditions.

With a range of sizes and configurations, storing from 46 to 147 bottles including half bottles, bottles and magnums, the collection can be kept subtly out of sight, or positioned as a design focal point in the kitchen, study or entertaining spaces.

Unique to Sub-Zero, the 400 Series features two independent storage zones, which are tightly sealed and digitally controlled.

Within each compartment, ideal humidity control prevents corks from drying out and precise temperature levels are monitored, within one degree of pre set temperatures.

This important feature cannot be controlled in a cellar, meaning that Sub-Zero’s range of wine storage, offers the ability to store both red, white wine and champagne in the same unit.

The 400 Series temperature range of 4-18 degrees Celsius is perfect for storing and ageing and importantly, is not as cold as standard refrigeration, which can be harmful to wines and champagnes.

Sub-Zero’s wine preservation units are available as statement design pieces, in classic stainless steel finish as freestanding or integrated models and are also available with overlay cabinetry, to blend seamlessly into a room design.

The 400 Series has been designed to accommodate various spatial requirements, ranging from the new ICBWS-30 model with a substantial capacity of 147 bottles, to the sleek freestanding and compact under counter units, with a capacity of 46 bottles.

Sub-Zero’s Wine Storage Units are priced from £3,185.50 including VAT.

For further information and to view the range, visit the stockist online:

Web: http://www.westye.co.uk
Tel: (020) 8418 3800

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