Haier Launches The Innovative 3D Fridge Freezer

 Haier Launches The Innovative 3D Fridge Product Haier, the world’s second largest white goods manufacturer, has introduced the innovative 3D fridge in two different models in two different colors, to encompass a variety of consumer needs.

The new third dimension in these fridges is the freezer drawer, which revolutionises the function of the refrigerator, to bring more comfort and convenience to life.

This pioneering feature has been recognized in its importance at an international level by winning the Red Dot Design Award and the Plus X Award in 2008.

The freezer drawer enables users to take full advantage of space within their refrigerator, by offering direct access to food in one simple move.

Users can see exactly what’s in store at a glance, without having to stoop to explore its contents.

The freezer drawer is easy to clean, as the interior compartment can be removed.

The freezer drawer also helps towards saving energy, as on opening the first drawer, the second stays closed; thus food is searched for through a smaller part of the fridge and since less time is used searching, more energy is saved.

Each drawer can store food at different temperatures, making it easy to store different foods at the right temperatures.

The new 3D fridge section, features a wide space that can be organized and managed to its full potential thanks to its adaptability; also an LED back light runs along the entire back wall, permitting maximum visibility of the contents.

There is also the ‘Big Crisper’, which regulates the humidity rate in a dedicated section, for foods that need a special humidity rate, but not a very cool temperature.

All 3D fridges belong to the A+ class, which means a 25% energy saving in comparison with the A class; all are provided with the Total No Frost Technology, so no more defrosting, which means more time and energy saving.

Available in Comet from the end of July, the MRP will be £599.99.

Web:  http://www.comet.co.uk/

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