American Style Fridge-freezer from Neff

American-style fridge freezer comboThis is Neff’s brand new American style side-by-side fridge freezer combination (called the K3990X6). It measures 90cm wide and is “A” rated for energy efficiency.

On the outside of the door, there are electronic controls for a a stylish in-door water and ice dispenser, which is capable of producing up to 100 ice cubes per day.

Inside, the space is divided into a 330-litre (11.6 cu ft) fridge and a 170-litre (6 cu ft) freezer.

The fridge section has a practical wine shelf, a zero degrees C temperature controlled compartment (for safe storage of meat & fish or vegetables) and four (two large and two small) door shelves.

Not only does this fridge-freezer have an acoustic alarm to alert you of any sudden temperature changes in the freezer, it also has high temperature and door open alarms for total safety.

The K3990X6 retails at an estimated price of £1,899.

tel: (0870) 513 3090

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