Wind Turbine Installation and Portability Made Easy

 Wind Turbine Installation and Portability Made Easy FuturEnergy’s new Tower Kit for its 1KW wind turbine, uses easily installed ground anchors, rather than a concrete base, making installation simple and allowing the turbine to be relocated if necessary in the future.

The Tower Kit has been developed by FuturEnergy  in association with, the alternative energy retailer and will retail for £450 + Vat.

The Tower Kit is exclusively intended to accommodate the popular FuturEnergy 1KW micro turbine, which is widely used in rural and off-grid locations around the UK and overseas.

The kit includes Spirafix Ground Anchors, tube couplings, galvanized wire rope assemblies and brackets, for raising the turbine to the required maximum height of eight metres.

Installers had to permanently mount the turbine on a concrete base, complete with foundations, prior to the Tower Kit, in order to withstand the force of the wind; the permanent nature of this structure can cause problems if, at a later date, the turbine needs to relocated.

Spirafix Ground Anchors supplied with the new kit are inserted into the soil, not concrete, and are designed to withstand maximum UK wind speeds recorded over the last 50 years (calculated from EN-61400).

Nigel Howard of, the alternative energy online retailer said: “Good quality, well designed tower kits have always been a bit of a problem for us.
Thankfully FuturEnergy have really come up trumps with this well designed kit. It’s easy to install, competitively priced, and backed, as always, by their excellent technical support”.

For further information on FuturEnergy’s new Tower Kit and sales enquiries, please visit the website.

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