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Wind Turbine from B&QClimate change is something we are all concerned about as the evidence of its increasing affect on our planet becomes obvious both at home and abroad.

We can personally do something to reverse this potential catastrophe by making our homes more energy efficient, which could dramatically reduce the amount of harmful carbon dioxide gas we release into the atmosphere.

This Autumn B&Q will make it easy to save energy around your house with its practical and exciting new range of energy efficient products, including wind turbines, solar panels and innovative heating and insulation products.

Due to the recent ever-increasing rise in energy prices, there has never been a better time to invest in your own power sources, such as B&Q’s new Windsafe Wind Turbines.

They are easily attached to your home and provide a supply of 230V electricity for the house, with no need for batteries or complex wiring and a potential reduction on your electricity bill of up to 30%.

The Windsafe turbines are priced at £1498 including installation.

In addition, why not generate your own hot water by installing a Solar Power Panel?

The new panels don’t need direct sunlight to work, as daylight is sufficient to produce up to 70% of the hot water requirement for a standard three or four bedroom house. This means the system could effectively pay for itself within six years.

The solar panels also retail at £1498 excluding installation.

More good news; the UK Government provides grants for renewable energy projects of up to 30% of the installed cost. Find out more at:

Web: www.diy.com
Tel: For your nearest B&Q Store  (0845) 850 0175

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