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Say Goodbye To Winter Blues With Eco Daylight Bulbs

Evidently one in four Brits will endure Seasonal Affective Disorder,(SAD) when the longer nights set in, due to the brain receiving a reduced amount of daylight, which it needs to generate serotonin, the hormone that controls our mood.

Now help is at hand, with the latest eco light bulb that emulates the sun’s normal white light and can assist in defeating the winter blues.

The Daylight MiniSun is a new type of LED lighting that not only helps homeowners decrease their energy usage, but also supplies a fresh white light that is very near to daylight.

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EeStairs Launches Its Helical Staircase Range In The UK.

Eestairs' Helical Stairway

EeStairs, a global leader in the creation and manufacture of made to order staircases, is launching its quality helical staircases in the UK.

EeStairs offer an almost unlimited range of design options, to ensure that proposed objectives become a reality in production.

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Karcher DIY Multi Purpose Vacs Are Ideal For Hard Cleaning

The Kärcher Multi Purpose DIY Vac.

The Karcher series of DIY multi-purpose vacuums is designed to tackle hard cleaning jobs and is the definitive tool for DIYers.

The Karcher range of versatile vacs have forceful motors, planned to go one better than average vacuums to lift up not only tough clutter, such as wood shavings and debris, but also spilled liquids and even have the ability to unblock sinks!

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Energy Saving Home Lighting From Value Lights

The Green Frog Energy Spotlight

With the relentless increases in energy costs, we are all looking for the best ways to reduce our usage.
So it’s good to discover that the leading online lighting website Value Lights, offers a variety of stylish and energy saving lighting for the home.
The company specialises in providing homeowners with high quality lighting at economical prices.

Here are some products from its energy saving range:
Kitchen lighting
Brighten up your kitchen with an energy saving modern gloss red retro style dome ceiling light; this retro style ceiling light comes in a beautiful gloss red finish with a braided flex and the drop can be adjusted. Reduced from £69.99 to just £34.99.

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John Cullen’s New Website Presents The Power Of Lighting

The John Cullen Website Project Page

John Cullen, one of the UK’s foremost lighting specialists, has created a new website to provide a most comprehensive and inspiring resource for appreciating the power of lighting in the home.

The new lighting website offers a fascinating peek inside some of the most beautiful homes and gardens in the country – stimulating new ideas for lighting as well as interior design:

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The Posh Shed Company’s New Range Of Superior Sheds

The Charming Gothic Shed

We all want to make the most of any good British weather this summer, by enjoying a little gardening or simply relaxing outdoors.

The Posh Shed Company offer assistance here, with their new range of superior sheds:

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Bring Down Your Energy Bills By Installing Secondary Glazing

Ecoease Secondary Glazing

British Gas has recently announced a 15% increase in gas bills for next winter; yet another reminder for UK households to take action, to protect themselves against ever-increasing energy costs.

Also recent statistics show that over 400,000 households in the UK have been pushed into fuel poverty as a result of previous price rises, taking the total to just short of 4 million.

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Insulation Web Home Page

The cost of heating our homes is becoming more and more expensive, due to the unremitting rise in the prices of gas and electricity.

It is now really essential that we make our homes more energy efficient to cut costs; the UK government is also committed to drastically reducing carbon emissions.

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A Million Multipoint Door Locks Likely To Fail

Doormasterâ„¢ Universal Replacement Multipoint Lock

Statistics from Yale the lock specialists, suggest that a million multipoint door locks could fail this year, probably leaving thousands of homes unsecured and homeowners locked out of their properties.

A multipoint lock runs the length of a PVCu door and has several points of contact, such as hooks or bolts, which lock the door into the frame.

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Innovative Roof Windows Add Height Without Additional Width.

FAKRO High Pivot Windows

The new FAKRO FYP-V proSky® and FDY-V Duet proSky high pivot windows, offer the possibility to add additional height to the window area within a standard rafter width.

A ground-breaking hinge mechanism provides a raised pivot point for the sash, which enables even tall people to stand in an open window.
The amount of natural daylight thus provided could only be achieved otherwise, using windows in a vertical combination, or by having wider windows.

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