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Takker Can Quickly Hang Mirrors Pictures And More With Ease

Introducing Takker – a development in DIY that provides a handy solution for how we hang things in the home.

Say goodbye to the hassle of hanging pictures with hammer and nails, often the cause of broken plaster, cracked walls and sore throbbing thumbs.

For people with plasterboard walls, hanging anything up can be horrendous using raw plugs and screws, resulting in unsightly holes that are difficult to fix, when decorating or moving home.

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Frankled – The New Energy Efficient Lighting Website Launched

Franklite Limited has announced the introduction of their new website, WWW.FRANKLED.COM , devoted to help in the reduction of energy usage, maintenance and cost of lighting.

The company is confident that together with their C12 catalogue, they can successfully provide lighting for any size and style of property, by using up-to-the-minute lighting technology.

Frankled Lighting is up to 80% more efficient than standard lighting!

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Enhance Your Home Living Space With A Clever Closet

UK homeowners are continually searching for new ways to increase living space and there is now an innovative new solution from The Clever Closet, which is a modular under-stairs storage unit.

Available now in a self-assembly kit form for DIY enthusiasts.

The Clever Closet is an efficient and smart structure, which provides 3 discrete sliding drawers that fit neatly under the stairwell to add purpose to an otherwise wasted space.

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New Multi-Max Tools Launched By Dremel

Dremel has launched two new Multi-Max high performance tools – the Corded Multi-Max MM20 and MM40, for tasks that need increased power and adaptability.

Both models are ideal for home DIY projects, such as installing cabinets, sanding down paint, cutting drywall, grout removal, flush cutting laminate, and creating circular cuts in drywall or concrete, over and above a full range of difficult jobs in the home.

There is also an excellent range of different Multi-Max accessories, to make sure that the job is done easily and in comfort.

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Affordable Professional Surveyors’ Advice Now Online

No doubt you will have heard somebody complain about cracks or damp patches in walls, repaired by a local tradesman that have come back.

Now affordable help is at hand, to help you avoid costly blunders:

A new online service enables you to obtain professional advice from an experienced, qualified surveyor, if you are worried about the structure of your house, or planning a building project:

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The Lighting Store Introduces The Pioneering Jake Dyson CSYS Light

The Lighting Store has announced that it is now the authorized stockist of the novel Jake Dyson CSYS light.

The CSYS task light comes in cream, black, white, red or blue from online and in store.

The light is a fully dimmable and adjustable, LED lamp that unites excellent design with the latest technology.

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Brighten Up Your Home With Gardman’s Pillar Candles And Candle Lanterns

Gardman specialises in high quality products for the home and garden and now stock an enormous range of pillar candles, candle hardware and tealights to brighten up your home and garden, during the gloomy days of winter.

It’s great to come home to the warmth and cheer of roaring fire and a room flickering with tealights and candles in lanterns:


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Spiral Cellars Are Ideal For Storing All Your Christmas Goodies.

Space in the kitchen can be an ongoing problem during the year, but with the additional demand for space needed for large amounts of Christmas food and veg, it can prove extremely difficult to store it all.

However, a dual-purpose Spiral Cellar could provide the answer:

It offers perfect conditions for a food store, saves space, no running costs and provides enormous capacity, making it ideal for storing lots of food items, such as brief storage of dairy and veg to tins, cakes and preserves, plus your wine collection.

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Add A Touch Of Glamour Lighting To Your Home This Christmas

Value Lights offer a striking lighting range motivated by The Arco Floor Lamp, one of the most admired floor lamps made, which was itself stimulated by Italian street lights in the 1960s.

So why not add a touch of charm to your home, with an out of the ordinary floor lamp from Value Lights?

There is a exciting variety of home lighting available these days and you can provide your home with a brand new look without spending a fortune.

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Be Energy Smart And DIY Doctor Launch A Green DIY Website.

DIY Doctor the popular source of DIY information and advice in the UK, has partnered with renewable energy expert Be Energy Smart, to provide homeowners with a centre for the latest useful green DIY information.

Consumers can easily access well-researched, simple guides on the currently available renewable energy technologies, such as biomass heating, solar power PV, as well as energy efficient fixtures and insulation, to maximise their energy efficiency at home.

When users consult a particular guide in the Green Living section of DIY Doctor’s, they will find out how that technology works, how much a system costs and the amount of funding it can draw from available government schemes like the latest Green Deal.

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