Say Goodbye To Winter Blues With Eco Daylight Bulbs

Evidently one in four Brits will endure Seasonal Affective Disorder,(SAD) when the longer nights set in, due to the brain receiving a reduced amount of daylight, which it needs to generate serotonin, the hormone that controls our mood.

Now help is at hand, with the latest eco light bulb that emulates the sun’s normal white light and can assist in defeating the winter blues.

The Daylight MiniSun is a new type of LED lighting that not only helps homeowners decrease their energy usage, but also supplies a fresh white light that is very near to daylight.

  • Value Lights’ Daylight MiniSun GU10 3w bulbs are suitable for replacing conventional 50w halogen bulbs.
  • It’s exceptionally low usage costs, make it an effective and inexpensive solution to SAD symptoms.*
  • Each bulb has a lifetime of 30,000 hours and is guaranteed for a year against defective manufacture. Priced at £59.99 per pack of 10.

Also offered is a portable MiniSun SAD light, which when used for as little as 60 minutes a day helps sufferers to fight the SAD symptoms.
The light is available in pink, white, or black and small enough to pack and take anywhere.

Value Lights specialise in high quality lighting at discounted prices and delivers free.

For more information on the Value Lights Daylight MiniSun light bulbs or MiniSun SAD lights, visit the website.

*SAD symptoms range from irritability, mild lethargy to depression, insomnia and anxiety. It has been established that light treatment can give relief, by supplying a steady spectrum of light comparable to being outdoors on a cloudless day.

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