Louis Poulsen’s New Pendant Lamp From Louise Campbell

 Louis Poulsen’s New Pendant Lamp From Louise Campbell Danish/English designer Louise Campbell has once more teamed up with Louis Poulsen, to create the LC Shutters lamp and again it’s an ingenious new idea.

Louise Campbell’s idea with the new lamp was to create a pendant with a minimum of processes, based on a single shade.

The process has been cut down to three basic elements: turning the shade, stamping the pattern, and painting.

LC Shutters is very harmonious light. It is available in two versions – a completely white edition, and one with a pattern of various colours, (as in our picture), which creates an entirely different expression, when the light is on or off.

LC Shutters is 100% glare-free and a diffuser, which shields direct viewing and prevents it from being touched, also protects the light source.

The diffuser can be easily removed for cleaning, which makes the pendant very maintenance friendly, both in the home and the workplace.

The lamp can be used in a wide range of settings. Many want to put it above their dining table at home. A reasonable choice, but the light also has a remarkable ability to merge into its surroundings in a natural way.

LC Shutters demonstrates a remarkable ability to add a decorative and tasteful softness to its surroundings, helping to make rooms more human and communicative.

LC Shutters produces honest lighting. A soft and diffuse light, which provides ideal illumination for faces without distracting shadows, so it’s ideal for meeting rooms, where communication needs the best possible conditions.

All Louise Campbell’s lamps have multiple layers, However, the extra layer here is created in the same shade; this was the crux of the challenge, as a completely new tool was necessary – able to stamp with millimetre precision, on a curved surface.

Louise Campbell commented about her new light: “I aimed to draw attention to the balance between glare reduction and spreading the light in the room. The shade and diffuser are integrated: a single unit with a clear function – protecting against glare, creating atmosphere, but also diligently spreading the light. Despite the dense, hard material, the design expression is soft and friendly.”

To view more of Louise Campbell’s lighting creations, please visit the Poulsen website.

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