LED Lighting Saves Energy Cuts Bills And Keeps You Cool

LED Home LightingChanging your home lighting to LED could help you keep cool while the sweltering weather continues in the UK, with the added bonus of saving energy, plus a massive 90% on your lighting costs.*

Halogens and fluorescent lighting generate considerable amounts of extra heat, whilst environment friendly LEDs produce virtually none, thus offering the opportunity to keep your home much cooler this summer.

LED’s are extremely energy efficient as they consume 90% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs.

Since energy bills continue to soar and lighting being the second biggest use of household power in the UK, making the switch to LEDs enables people to make considerable savings, whilst benefiting from quality long-term lighting for their homes.

In around 12 months bulbs will usually cover their cost and continue to save users money afterwards.**

The bulbs will also last fifty times longer than ordinary bulbs,***providing a remarkable 50,000 hours of consistent quality light. (the equivalent dependent on use, of about 25-30 years).

To encourage people to make their homes cool as well as energy efficient, LED Hut is giving one lucky customer a special £5000 cash prize.

Any order made at LED Hut online, between now and 31st July, will be entered in the prize draw.

For further information and to view LED Hut’s extensive ranges of LED lighting, go to the website.

* ‘Energy Lit up: An LED Lighting field trial’ Energy Saving Trust December 2011.

** ‘Powering the Nation’ report, Energy Saving Trust June 2012

***LED Hut computation: based on their own bulb prices, separately proven 90% savings, around 6 hours per day usage and cost of electricity £0.15 per kWh.


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