John Cullen’s Products And Tips For Lighting Your Garden.

 John Cullen’s Products And Tips For Lighting Your Garden.  These days, thanks to advances in external lighting technology, even a sizeable garden can be brilliantly lit, using less energy than a 60w light bulb. Therefore gardeners needn’t feel guilty about enjoying their garden night or day, thanks to the latest 1-watt products from John Cullen.

John Cullen, the leading UK lighting expert, has developed two new energy efficient LED garden lights, which are ideal for lighting your plants, pathways, steps or even a small tree:

The first new energy efficient garden light is the Kew – a flexible 1w LED spotlight on a spiked fixture – making it easy to move around.

The second new 1w LED light, the Hampton is a small, directional flood light also with a spiked fixture, which when angled can wash either a wall or path with light.
Both the Kew and the Hampton are miniature and have been designed in a custom green colour to blend in with plants, making them discreet as well as energy efficient.

Sally Storey, Design Director, at John Cullen says, ‘As well as saving energy, our new 1w lights produce a better light than more powerful and less efficient alternatives, with the added advantage of producing no heat to scorch your plants. Lighting the garden at night creates a whole different magic.’

Lighting plants
The key to successful garden lighting is flexibility, so that you can change your lighting with the seasons. Spiked fittings can be easily moved to suit the changing seasons and growth of plants.

Steps, walls and pathways
A 1w Hampton can easily be directed down to highlight a path or wall and it can also be angled towards shrubs.
Another light ideal for washing a wall with light is the 1w Lucca – it works particularly well when used in conjunction with the spiked Kew and Hampton LED fittings.
For steps, a 1w Siena, recessed into a side wall, skims light across the step to create atmosphere as well as reducing the risk of tripping.

Keeping your lighting discreet
Most garden light fittings are black, but you should choose green or olive fittings to ensure they literally disappear in amongst the planting.

Copper fittings can also be good as they patinate to a neutral green colour with age.

Bronze fittings often blend in particularly well with the colour of tree trunks, making them an ideal choice for downlights, mounted high up in a tree to create soft pools of discreet light.

Water features
Water can be a wonderful medium for light, as the movement and refraction create patterns, which reflect on the surrounding area. You can use a simple 20w Pond Light under a water flow, or consider using fibre optics within water jets.

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