How To Cut Your Lighting Bills By Up To 75%

 How To Cut Your Lighting Bills By Up To 75 per cent How would you like to cut your lighting bills by as much as 75%, yet still have an attractive lighting scheme.

Here are some tips from Sally Storey, (Design Director at John Cullen – Britain’s leading lighting company) to help you avoid possible pitfalls.

If you are thinking of redecorating, then now is the best and cheapest time to install more efficient lighting before you start.

The future of energy efficient lighting lies with LED fittings, which can last for as long as 20 years. They appear more expensive than regular products, but over their lifetime will more than make up for the initial outlay with energy savings.

John Cullen’s brand new, next generation Polespring LED downlight, sets new standards for energy efficient lighting. It uses just 12w of energy and gives you the equivalent of a traditional 50w halogen bulb at a fraction of the running costs. With its improved colour rendition and clarity, it is suitable for lighting throughout the home – even for paintings and other artwork.

If you don’t like compact fluorescent light bulbs, then replace traditional light bulbs with energy saving IRC (infra-red coated) bulbs. They come with all the usual fittings and give out the soft and attractive light we all recognise and love. A 40w bulb will give you 60w of light output – still helping you to keep your bills down.

Make sure all your lights can be turned off with the flick of one switch; if you have to turn lamps off individually, you will end up leaving them on even when you are not in the room.

Sensors are also an effective way of ensuring that lights are only used when they are needed. They are particularly useful in corridors, bathrooms and gardens, as well as in areas in the home where children (or adults) regularly forget to turn off the lights.

Good task lighting, such as a desk lamp or reading lamp by your bed, means that you don’t need to have the whole room lit up just to work or read. The new floor-standing 4w LED Pocket of Light floor lamp provides a well-directed beam of light, which won’t dazzle the person next to you. It is ideal as a freestanding task light by a bed or a sofa.

Finally, don’t think energy efficiency is all doom and gloom. For the first time ever, you can transform a roof terrace for as little as 7w, or bring your garden to life at night time with just 60w – no more than just one traditional light bulb! So get planning before the summer!
Prices: LED Strip Streamer, £72 per metre; Polespring LED, from £110;
Plaster Flat, £132.

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