Brighten Up Your Home With Gardman’s Pillar Candles And Candle Lanterns

Gardman specialises in high quality products for the home and garden and now stock an enormous range of pillar candles, candle hardware and tealights to brighten up your home and garden, during the gloomy days of winter.

It’s great to come home to the warmth and cheer of roaring fire and a room flickering with tealights and candles in lanterns:


Tealight holders

Gardman offers a large choice of tealights and especially attractive, are the new jewel-like glass holders in various shapes and sizes, at reasonable prices from 99p – £2.99.

Mosaics are always popular, such as tealight border stakes (£2.99), or standalone tealight holders in rich, purple pink(£5.99 and £3.99).

For the Nature Signature design lovers there is the Nature Tealight Tree (£24.99) while Milan Wall Sconce (£12.99) and The Bordeaux Wall Sconce (£9.99) present an air of modern sophistication.

The Hampton Tealight Lantern (£39.99) in stainless steel, is just perfect for centre table decoration.

Candle Lanterns and holders

Candle holders in plain glass are now available in new wire detailed designs – the Darby Holder is priced at £9.99 while the Elliot Holder is £12.99.

The latest candle lanterns come in gold and cream metal:

The Elinor Candle Lantern has the time-honoured romantic look.(£49.99 and £19.99).
The tall modern Hampton Candle Lantern in clear glass and stainless steel (£54.99).
The Bedouin Lantern is 85cm tall and just right for giving a dramatic effect. (£79.99).


Gardman specialises in an extensive range of high quality products for the home and garden, including Outdoor Lighting and Candles, Wild Bird Care, Hanging Baskets, Pots, Planters, Garden Footwear and even Greenhouses.

The company is recognised as one of the industry’s most active developers of novel garden products.

For more information and to view Gardman’s attractive range of pillar candles, candle hardware and tealights, go to the website.

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