Ecovate Your Home with B&Q’s Wide Range

Ecovate Your Home with B-and-Qs Wide Range As the Government’s green agenda urges us all to green up our homes, it’s never been easier at B&Q; its range of sustainable products will help you to ecovate your house and save you money by cutting your household bills.

Have a look at the wide range of eco products available from B&Q with their house plan and make them your port of call for all things green.

There’s something for everyone – take a tour of their website and be inspired to make a difference to your life and your home:

For example: Save Energy with Loft and Piping Insulation.

Insulating your loft is a straightforward energy efficient measure, which also saves you money on your heating and cooling bills.

B&Q has developed its own brand Recycled Plastic loft insulation, made from an average of 86 plastic bottles; it is ideal to lay during the warmer months as you don’t need masks, overalls or goggles to install the product.

B&Q offers great deals on loft insulation throughout the year and is currently offering (from 3rd September for two weeks) a triple roll of DIY top up loft insulation for £10.

With an average house needing just nine triple packs that’s a cost of just £90, which, according to the Energy Savings Trust, could save you around £150 a year on your heating bills, if you don’t currently have loft insulation.

It’s not so difficult to lay insulation as you might think and to help make it even easier B&Q has produced a DVD, ‘How to Insulate Your Home’, priced at £1.98.

For further great ideas for Ecovating your home visit:


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