Potton’s Fantastic Self Build Net-Zero Carbon Homes

Potton’s Fantastic Self Build Net-Zero Carbon Homes  The extraordinary Potton Lighthouse range offers contemporary house designs, which with a blend of green technologies, mean self builders can build a net zero carbon home with running costs of as little as £30 per year!

Lighthouse pushes the boundaries for modern house design and is the most advanced house produced for the self build market and the construction industry .

Its levels of efficiency in terms of construction method, energy use, CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, also mean that it is the first to achieve the government’s Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6, the standard to which all new homes will be designed and constructed from 2016.

Designed in line with Lifetime Homes and Scheme Development, every building material and component used for this show home, has been specified for its ability to optimise it’s overall sustainability credentials.

Heat loss has been reduced by around two-thirds compared to a standard new house, including effective solar control, together with integrated building services based around renewable and sustainable technologies.

These include water efficiency techniques, such as low volume, sanitary ware and appliances, rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling, as well as renewable energy technologies, including a biomass boiler and a solar-thermal array.

Mechanical ventilation with heat system and a roof-mounted wind catcher, provides secure night-time ventilation for passive cooling and thermal mass boards built into the ceilings provide additional cooling.

Building services in Lighthouse have been integrated with smart metering and monitoring, which records energy consumption and enables occupants to identify any energy wastage.

You can visit the Potton Lighthouse at BRE – Watford, Hertfordshire by appointment on 3rd October & 5th December 2008.

Web: http://www.lighthousebypotton.co.uk
Tel: (01767) 676 400

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