Make Your Front Door A Lifestyle Statement

AMD10 FT66 Blue-GrayApeer Doors, a leading UK composite door supplier, believes that front doors are progressively becoming a lifestyle statement.

As a wide choice of new contemporary door designs has become available to homeowners, a growing number now prefer to surface them with more fashionable and bolder colours.

Stimulating new patterns, such as Apeer’s modern MODO collection, are persuading people to be creative with colour. The current trend is for more stylish crystal blue, green mist and light grey, rather than the red, blue, white, green and wood effects that once occupied the composite door market.

Apeer Doors now offer a nearly unlimited selection of colours, unlike other door suppliers. As well as its four-colour premium collection and ten colour standard palette, the company will supply almost any colour (i.e. Farrow & Ball, BS or RAL shade) for added cost.

Another option is to have the door’s interior in a different colour from the exterior, enabling customers who choose a bold and bright exterior to have an inside colour to match their interior décor.

The company also provides a10 year guarantee.


Apeer was founded in Ballymena in 1978 from Ace Fixings and has now become one of the UK and Ireland’s leading combination door suppliers.

For further information and to browse Apeer’s extensive ranges of composite front doors, go to the website.

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