EeStairs Launches Its Helical Staircase Range In The UK.

Eestairs' Helical Stairway

EeStairs, a global leader in the creation and manufacture of made to order staircases, is launching its quality helical staircases in the UK.

EeStairs offer an almost unlimited range of design options, to ensure that proposed objectives become a reality in production.

EeStairs liases closely with planning professionals, contractors and consumers to discover perfect helical stairway geometry, ensure regulations are complied with, improve specification and assure a magnificent architectural result that is both functional and beautiful.

Whether the plan is to make best use of light, harness the natural environment, or create a spectacular indoor landscape, EeStairs delivers solutions for corporate locations, retail situations and private homes, built to delight and make an impression.

Helical stairs are different from spiral stairs since they don’t revolve around an inner column, – but ascend gracefully conveying the innate grace of the helix.

Because of its size a helical staircase usually offers a wider carriageway and generous steps making sure of comfort in homes or in areas for public gatherings.

EeStairs has acquired skill working with a variety of materials such as glass, mild and stainless steel, stone and timber enabling them to maximise the potential from each of these materials, to achieve brilliantly crafted and smart designs.

EeStairs also presents a variety of balustrades to guarantee a really exclusive staircase. The choice includes glass balustrades to allow maximum spread of light, or solid fill barrier encasingf the staircase and give emphasis to the sculptural profile of the helix.

To give full control to the designer, EeStairs also supplies a bespoke balustrade, to the exact specification of the designer.

The company boasts an extensive collection of unique staircases provided for celebrated locations across Europe.

For further information and to view EeStairs’ impressive collection of helical staircases, please visit the website.


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