Sumptuous Silk Wallpaper Screens And Wall Hangings

Framed Silk Panel “Flowers”.

During the Tang dynasty Chinese scholars and artists painted beautiful creations onto silk and then stretched their work over a screen. This practice later developed into making wallpaper.

Shimu has brought this superb product to the UK from a leading supplier in China, at a more affordable price.

In addition to wallpaper and screens, Shimu have now introduced a beautiful range of hand painted silk wall hangings, which are ideal for adding a touch of oriental style to any room, without having to paper an entire wall.

  • The detail in the paintings, depicting flowers, birds and butterflies, is exquisite.
  • Four standard designs are available: Priced at £495 (un-framed) or £645 (framed).
  • However, as each panel is individually painted by hand, Shimu offer bespoke sizes, colours and designs, as with their hand painted silk wallpaper and screens.
  • Shimu provide a range of silk colours to choose from as a background, from subtle greens, creams and yellows, to more dramatic reds and blacks, or for a truly luxurious finish, silks brushed with gold or silver are available.
  • Popular choices include bamboo, birds, butterflies and flowers such as pretty cherry blossom and roses.

Each magnificent creation is made to order using a design, size and colour scheme as agreed with the customer. Silk Wallpaper is priced from £340 sq. m. for work that is as unique as it is beautiful.

Featured here is the Framed Silk Panel “Flowers”.
These gorgeous wall panels are hand painted onto silk, following exactly the same process as the silk wallpaper and look beautiful hung above one of Shimu’s antique or reproduction sideboards.

For further information on Shimu’s hand painted silk wallpaper and wall hangings, please visit the website.
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