Colour Trends for 2006 from Farrow & Ball

Cupboard and Shelves in Farrow and Ball Clunch Oil Eggshell Paint

Martin Ephson, Director of specialist paint manufacturers Farrow & Ball has been speaking about the trends in paint and wallpaper that he predicts will be fashionable in 2006:

For spring and summer ’06 we will see the return of yellows, fine shades like ‘Dayroom Yellow’ and ‘Hound Lemon’ rather than the ever popular but strong ‘Sudbury Yellow’. Also pink, but again, fine colours such as ‘Pink Ground’. ‘Calamine’ and ‘Setting Plaster’. Witness a big return to grey whites, in particular ‘Clunch’, ‘Slipper Satin’ and ‘Off-White’.

Large pattern repeat papers in dramatic colourways will find their way from ‘accent’ walls into small spaces such as guest loos. These will have a spectacular dramatic effect. Also exquisitely printed, simple one and two colour papers in the popular paint and high fashion colours mentioned above. Look out too for metallics which can be found in F&B’s ‘Vermicelli’ papers.

Pictured is a cupboard and shelves painted in ‘Clunch’ oil eggshell paint – a low sheen, low odour eggshell finish, perfect for interior woodwork where a low sheen finish is preferred.

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