Vi-Spring Adds The Devonshire To Its Award Winning Bed Collections

Vi -Spring's New Devonshire Luxury Bed

Vi -Spring’s New Devonshire Luxury Bed

Vi-Spring the UK luxury bed manufacturer has added The Devonshire to its prize-winning collection of premium all-wool beds.

Every mattress is liberally hand-filled with pure wool from Devon, which has been Platinum Certified by the UK’s Wool Marketing Board.

  • Wool is the ideal fibre for bed making use, as it’s soft, warm and durable, making it ideal for upholstering luxurious mattresses.
  • Wool is naturally breathable too, due to its intricate cell structure, which means that while sleeping on The Devonshire it helps to control your body’s temperature through the night, to keep you cool in summer, yet cosy and warm in the winter. Importantly, this helps promote a deeper sleep every night of the year.

When combined with a Wool De Luxe divan, the beds can be enclosed in a selection of pure woollen fabrics, from modern wool textures, in striking black or cream, to classic earthy tones.

To add a contemporary feel to your interior, choose a prominent Vi-Spring headboard like the new Lennox, which has softly sculpted edges.

The Devonshire is handmade by master craftsmen with artisan skills, perfected over 110 years.

Every mattress is hand stitched and tailored to comply with individual precise requirements, to ensure a life-changing standard of comfort.

The Devonshire also carries the Woolmark, as do all of Vi-Spring’s pure wool beds, acknowledging the quality and certified wool count.

The Devonshire along with a Wool De Luxe divan and Lennox headboard is priced at £3,595 for king size.

For further information and to view Vi-Spring’s extensive luxury bed collections, visit the website.

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