The Innovative NCT Bednest Bedside Crib Launched

Bednest the trendsetter in baby’s cribs, in collaboration with NCT the UK charity for parents has launched an innovative bedside crib.

The NCT Bednest is a crib for bedside use, which has been recommended by health professionals as the safest place for babies to sleep, with a view to helping parents, babies and the entire family get more sleep.

The Bednest is a three-sided cradle connected to, yet separate from, the parents’ bed that provides a safe place for baby to sleep:

The cradle mattress can be placed at the height of the parents’ mattress.

While the side panel is down, it forms a safe link between the parents’ and baby’s sleeping places, without gaps, lips, or hard edges to lift the baby over.

The main benefit of an NCT Bednest bedside crib is that you can have your baby within easy reach, enabling you to care for it during the night without disturbing other family members, so that everyone sleeps well in safety.

The new crib is priced from £249 and can be obtained direct from the NCT Shop.

Furthermore, the charity has introduced a rental scheme, so that the NCT Bednest is accessible to yet more UK parents.

Parents are able to rent the Bednest from only £99 for six months and delivered at the most suitable time before baby is due.

The rental charge includes:

  • £50 for the NCT Bednest crib, with stand, a travel bag plus attachment straps.
  • £49 for the new mattress and fabric side panels (usual RRP over £90).

For further information or to buy the NCT Bednest, go to the website.

Tel:   (08458) 100 100.


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