Sharps’ Cabin Bed – A Place For Work Rest & Play

Children’s bedrooms often prove to be a difficult area to furnish – as you really want to produce a functional area to control all of their personal things, in an organised yet trendy way.

Look no further than the skilfully created Sharps Cabin Bed, which enables you to effortlessly make best use of the storage potential in a child’s room in style.

The Cabin Bed creates lots more storage room for your child’s clothing, toys and memorabilia, in cupboards, drawers or open shelving, beneath a single bed structure; featured here with a bed bridge (optional), which is just perfect for storing bulky things such as duvets.

There is also a hidden alcove at the foot of the bed that provides an ideal place to stow away books or for an alarm clock, when the room is too small for a bedside table.

Down lighting, can also be incorporated in the bed bridge, which can improve bedtime reading.

A streamlined and practical desk area can be added to the room that sits alongside the wardrobe, just right for play or work and ensures no waste of space.

A seating area to accompany the desk can be built onto a chest of drawers, providing an ideal place for relaxation.

Also featured in the room is a very deep wardrobe that incorporates the Sharp Flexispace wardrobe scheme, which offers an adaptable system for hangers that can expand as your child grows.

The wardrobe also includes open shelves on the wall behind the Flexispace structure, which provides storage room for bulky clothing, or large toys and maximises the available space.

The provision of a raised bed and hidden storage units, adds excitement to a child’s room and promotes pride in their special bedroom.

Sharps will consult with your children to form a room that reflects their personality and includes all of their needs.

The fully installed Sharps bedroom is priced from £1,800, including manufacture, design, delivery and installation.

For more information on the Sharps’ Cabin Bed System and to browse their entire bedroom range, go to the website.

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