Luxury Bed Linen Sales Have Soared Since The Recession Began.

Debenhams Bed Linen

Debenhams the high street store has revealed that unexpectedly, sales of luxurious bed linen have risen dramatically since the start of the recession.

The company has revealed that sales of their top-of-the-range, extra soft, luxury bedding have increased by a massive 35 per cent in the past four years.

Debenhams Head Home Buyer Alice Duggan commented:

“When times are hard in the bank boardroom, it seems that lots of people want to ensure that everything is ideal in the bedroom.Life always appears better following a good night’s sleep!

“We may even send a set to Sir Mervyn King, free of charge, to help him get a good night’s sleep too.”

Athough they cost nearly three times those priced at £12 (price of a standard Debenhams white bed sheet,) deluxe luuxury cotton sheets are most popular.

Five times the normal number of customers are buying these luxurious sheets, which produce a light, delicate touch against the skin. Sheets having a 500 cotton thread count are the most popular customer choice.

Also the bed linen for double and king sized beds is selling much better than those for single beds, indicating that the economic squeeze is being countered by a need for a more spacious bedroom.

Alice Duggan continues: “Slipping between sheets of luxury cotton is a breath taking experience.

They are cool and light and wrap around your body, almost like a second skin.

Using a fabric softener in each wash, also gives them added softness and a delicate fragrance, which makes curling up and going to sleep such a pleasure.”

Debenhams luxury Supima bed linen starts from £26.

Debenhams are holding a Bank Holiday Event from Thursday 23rd – Monday 27 th August, when up to 30% off is offered throughout the Home Department.

For further information on Debenhams luxury bed linen collections, please visit the website.

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