Create Space With Multifunctional Children’s Beds

Southside Cabin BedTrying to keep homes clutter free these days is almost impossible, as children collect a seemingly continuous amount of stuff, making sufficient storage essential, to produce order and calm amidst the household chaos.

ASPACE, one of the UK’s leading lifestyle retailers for children, is well known for creating fine-looking and useful furniture.

Therefore its innovative range of multifunctional beds, shows the commitment of this company to provide creative superior and stylish furniture for kids:

The Southside Cabin Bed featured here, is a perfect space-saving bed; with 2 spacious cupboards at each end and a shelf and drawer in the centre. It comes in glossy white and a choice of drawer front colours to add a splash of personality to their space.   Priced at: £450.

The Abbotsbury Mid-Sleeper also pictuired, provides for flexible living – consisting of furniture that fits beneath the bed like the Trestle Desk, Three Drawer Chest, Single Shelf Bookcase and this clever design boasts a variety of groupings, which can be changed or improved any time to fit the room layout, or your child’s changing preferences. Priced at: £450.

Abbotsbury Mid Sleeper BedThe modern Farringdon High Sleeper has a bookshelf, desk with drawers and a full sized wardrobe with drawer, plus a built in ladder. The Farringdon is available in natural oak to add classic style, as well as in a choice of blue and white, red and lime colours. Priced at: £1195.

Finally the Coco Storage Bunks – offer the definitive choice for creating space. It comes in contrasting white with dark chocolate wood and the bunks have built-in storage, which includes two deep under bed drawers, a shelving unit and a cupboard. Thus the Coco Storage Bunks maximise the storage space, while minimising the footprint. Priced at: £795.

Go to the website for more information and to see the full range of the ASPACE Children’s Multifunctional Beds.

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