Bylaw Furniture Makers’ Traditional Handmade Furniture

 Bylaw The Furniture Makers’ Traditional Handmade Furniture  At their Norfolk workshops, drawing on designs mainly from the 17th & 18th centuries, Bylaw Furniture Makers construct solid oak and fruitwood furniture, traditional wall panelling and staircases, employing time-honoured methods and skills.

Everything from the solid timber -hand planed oak and fruitwood, the skilfully hand cut dovetails, painstaking finishing and waxing, right through to the fitting of locally cast period brassware, goes towards creating an uncompromising finished product.

The detail in their traditional handmade furniture and four-poster beds truly does make the difference!

Bylaw enjoys a well-deserved reputation as being amongst the finest of traditional handmade furniture makers in the UK. They are particularly famous for four-poster beds:

  • Featured here is the stunning Millennium Bed. The Millennium bed incorporates the best of English Renaissance fashion; the enriched arch panels depicting a plant theme, the formal strap work arabesques carved onto the frieze and the carved male (atlantes) and female (caryatids) figures seeming to support the vast decorative tester. W: 60″ x L: 78″ the bed stands 86″ high. Ref.04MMbedcut.
  • Priced at: £17,250.

To view the gorgeous furniture collection please visit the Bylaw website.

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