Personalise Your Bedroom With Sharps’ Highline YouCreate

Personalisation of the home has proved to be very popular recently, as homeowners try to discover ways to put their individual stamp onto their home, rather than move house.

One of the really personal rooms in the home is the bedroom where the whole decor, from furniture choice, mirrors, colour scheme and fabric reflects our personality.

Now the ground-breaking YouCreate from Sharps echos this increasing trend, as it enables homeowners to create a bedroom entirely personal to them, whilst adding a surprising focal point.

The stylish Sharps Highline sliding door series has already provided a variety of around 600 door styles and surfaces. But now, with YouCreate, the potential for design is unlimited, as you can display your personal photos in large format on the striking Highline sliding door collection.

Whether it’s your memorable family pictures, or those beautiful wedding day pictures, or your favourite holiday haunt, Sharps’ designers can now apply them to their sliding wardrobe doors.

There are also a variety of images to select from, including a soft floral image, a gallant union jack flag, a trendy zebra print and many more.

This option gives the bedroom a contemporary edge and is just right for those who wish to make a focal point in the bedroom.

Sharps has also created an application online, to help you select your Highline sliding doors, so that you can see the completed result while personalising the door style.

Just upload your picture on Sharps website, choose your   door arrangement and watch it being applied to the sliding doors.

Then to share the design with friends, simply click the button, or print it out for the Sharps designer.

A completed Sharps bedroom is priced from £1,800, including manufacture, delivery and fitting. The product and installation is guaranteed for 12years.

Visit the website for further information and to view Sharp’s Highline sliding door collection.

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