New For Old’s Eco Friendly Handmade Furniture And Kitchens

Introducing New from Old, the British Company that designs and creates hand made Eco friendly furniture and kitchens.

New From Old uses reclaimed pine and new sustainable hardwoods to make a robust and environmentally friendly collection of exclusive products. All of the new hardwoods sourced are inspected and certified as sustainable by a leading authority.

Striking antique and rustic style furniture products are created from the pine, which is reclaimed from old buildings.

Pictured here is NFO 57 – a Bespoke Country Dresser with break-front upper and lower section, iron pull handles and willow baskets, crafted by hand from reclaimed and renovated pine timber, using conventional joinery, which imparts it with real charm and character. Size as required. Priced from £2500.

Another fine example, is NFO2 – A Margarette Sideboard, a stunning European ash sideboard with an attractive durable and functional 30mm granite top, Oiled finish and Iron Aquatain handles. Size as specified.   Price for Bespoke furniture £3000.

All product finishes are made from waxes or natural oils, making all of the furniture pieces Eco friendly throughout.

New from Old is a conventional British company that adheres to its values, by obtaining all of its recycled pine and most hardwoods in the UK when possible.

The various available hardwoods used by the company include, Oak, Elm, Beech, Maple, Ash, Walnut, Sweet Chestnut and fruitwoods such as Apple, Cherry and Pear.

Visit the website for more information and to view New for Old’s impressive gallery of hand crafted bespoke furniture.

Tel:   (01353) 676227

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