Betta Living Introduces The Intelligent Bedroom Of The Future

418631_num1006785_600x600 A bedroom for the future has been created by Betta Living that includes a smart virtual bedroom mirror, that can suggest what you should wear; also monitoring procedures that are able to adapt the environment in your bedroom, to suit your personal biological readings, as well as self-created 3D printed ornaments and 3D prints of family pictures.

The virtual bedroom presents an idea of how UK bedrooms are likely top appear in the near future, as household furniture, technology and accessories progress.

For example:

Virtual Mirror with Personal Stylist Functions

A virtual mirror will replace mirrors on wardrobe doors –  something that has been developed already by Computerlove for retailers, and that Betta Living considers will be unexceptional in our bedrooms in a few years.

The intelligent mirror will display our wardrobe contents, enabling us to look around and try on garments virtually, as well as suggesting what to wear, depending on the weather, our diary and what has been worn earlier.

The clothes will be micro tagged,  so there won’t be any need to open the wardrobe door to choose items, as they will be visible on the virtual mirror.

By means of gesture technology, you can then swipe through items and try on outfits using pictures of your clothes, applied to a life-size image of your body.

Select a pair of jeans or a skirt and the virtual mirror will suggest tops, shoes and accessories from your wardrobe that will be ideal for the weather and what you are intending to do that day.

In addition if you don’t have the right shoes to complement an outfit, the smart mirror will connect you to a website shop, where you can purchase the required item.

When it’s time to take physical garments out of the wardrobe,

Also new developments in storage methods will allow garments to be easily removed from the wardrobe, like Betta Living’s infrared motion sensor rail to be launched soon.

418631_num1006786_600x600Smart Windows

Clear glass windows and window decorations will not be part of the futuristic bedroom; replaced by a transparent intelligent window  that will react to the season and time of day, or personal choices.

The window screen can either be transparent or blackout, acting as a virtual window blind, to display an image of your choice – or use it as a smart TV screen, or to check on the weather, or even social media.

Already, the Transparent Smart Window from Samsung can be viewed online at: and may even be available in the near future.

There are too many innovations to include here, but more exciting details can be seen on the Gadget News website.

Visit Betta Living’s website to browse their comprehensive ranges of fitted bedrooms.


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