Introducing The Fine Bedding Company’s New Breathable Duvets

Image1Have you ever considered how significant the breathability of a duvet is for ensuring quality sleep?

Well specialists claim that extra breathability provides an improved night’s sleep, which is why the sleep specialists have developed their best breathable duvet to date – which uses smart climate control, to regulate the body’s temperature for an excellent night’s sleep. Aptly named Breathe!

The ExpertsSay :

A quality duvet can help maintain a relaxing body temperature as we are asleep, even if the bedroom is a bit warm or too cold.   If it is extremely breathable e.g. it contains either a natural or pioneering synthetic filling, it can stop moisture from collecting as well.

Breathe is made from exclusive materials specially created by The Fine Bedding Co, such as Advanced Smartfil® fibres combined with modal help, to remove moisture away from the body, which results in temperature controlled rest.

Image2The Smartfil® produces a warm and comfy duvet that feels unbelievably light and the exclusive process permits more air to stream throughout the duvet for improved breathability.

Priced from £45 for a single 4.5tog duvet. It’s available in a choice of 7.0, 10.5, 13.5 and 4 Season tog products, from super king to single sizes. Also available are the Breathe pillows priced at £25 each.

Thanks to it’s temperature control features, this product is ideal for those who suffer from hot flushes or night sweats.

For more information or nearest stockists and to browse The Fine Bedding Company’s complete product range, go to the website.

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