Flannel Bed Sheets Are Back In Favour

Debenhams latest sales figures have shown that flannel bed sheets are becoming really popular again, as they were during World War II, when millions of British people were kept warm by them.

Demand for bed linen consisting of naturally warm and cosy fabric is rising quickly, due to the current expensive heating bills, according to Debenhams the high street store.

So flannel sheets are now selling more than many silk varieties, which have for some time been regarded as vital for seduction achievement in the bedroom.

Clearly people in the UK are once again keen to snuggle up to a part of British history and it’s the first time in nearly 60 years that flannel sheets have returned to popularity in Britain.

The Flannel sheets’ natural texture holds little pouches of air between the sleeper and the bed, which is an ideal way to trap heat, despite the freezing outside temperature.

However,the popularity of flannel sheets began to give way in the 1960s, due to the new man-made materials, resulting from post war scarcity of natural products.

The crease proof Nylon, became popular when working mothers had no available time to iron.

Cotton sheets became fashionable in the 1980s as increased production of the material world-wide, made even the fine weaves affordable.

The advent of central heating encouraged demand even more, as people then preferred cooler bed linen.

The vibrant colours of silk sheets made the bedroom message very clear and they became the accepted trend in the 1990s.

The increasing demand for flannel sheets corresponds almost exactly, with the ever increasing prices of gas and electricity, which are about 80% more expensive than five years ago.

The Debenhams flannel bed linen is obtainable in their stores nationwide as well as online. Priced from £12.

For further information about Debenhams bed linen, visit their website.

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