The Novel Infra Red Sauna For Less Than £1500.

TheAcknowledgment has always been given to Saunas for their weight-loss and skin healing properties, as well as for alleviating the effects of coughs and colds.

However, they are usually too expensive for most people, due to the cost of installing and running them.

The very latest home sauna now available in the UK for less than £1500, uses infrared radiant heat rather than hot stones; it warms up in just 10 minutes and only uses the same amount of energy as a standard toaster.

Many medical professionals are now recommending Infrared saunas for their ability to penetrate the skin tissue more effectively, making them more effective at treating muscle or joint stiffness and more pleasant to use.

Featured here is the Infrared Hemlock FIR Sauna, priced at £1499 (including VAT), is now available from Boundary Bathrooms and can comfortably seat three to four people together.

Infrared Hemlock FIR Sauna.
Made from Canadian Hemlock-Fir wood.
Carbon fibre emitter panels.
Tempered glass windows.
Capacity: 3 – 4 person.
Power: 2100W.
Height:1940mm, Length: 1460mm, Depth: 1460mm.

Delivery is available anywhere in the UK from Boundary Bathrooms.

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