En-suite Bathroom Solutions From Villeroy & Boch

Ensuite Bathrooms 1jpg Planning a new bathroom can be a real challenge, as so many features require to be carefully thought about from the start.

In response to this situation, Villeroy & Boch aim to help with important information, solutions and practical tips, whatever bathroom design you wish for.

En-Suite Bathrooms practical tips:

En Suite bathrooms should if at all possible connect to the dressing room or bedroom and as much space as feasible should be allocated to it.

In order to integrate the bathroom better, the area can be enclosed by a sliding door, perhaps made of glass for instance; this separation is a good idea if the bathroom temperature is different or it is to be be used at other times.

Choose a freestanding bathtub if the bathroom is big enough.   With a large bath, consider the weight (if natural stone or similar), installation (particularly in old buildings) and transport; this is not usually a problem in new buildings, but needs to be considered with renovations.

The shower should be as spacious as the area will permit and the WC preferably fitted away from the bathtub.

Integrating a TV and music in the bathroom, adds a luxurious touch to the space; Thin wall-mounted TVs with a built-in music system are best.

Installing a sauna can provide a ‘wow’ factor.

Ensuite Bathrooms 2The colours, materials and lighting should all harmonize with the bedroom arrangement.

The room will appear larger, if the same floor covering is used, as visual connection will be made between the two spaces.

The overall design should be relaxing and peaceful and if the room is big enough, ceramics combined with wood, or natural stone makes a perfect solution.

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