New From Jacuzzi The Morphosis Omega Steam Cabin

New From Jacuzzi The Morphosis Omega Steam Cabin The new Morphosis Omega from Jacuzzi, oozes style and sophistication and is an idyllic hydro massage steam cabin; with four massage jets, steam bath with temperature control and a container for gels and oils.

The state of the art seat forms a sculptural line of teak that appears to drape itself within the enclosure, creating a dramatic design statement and a place for you to sit down and relax, whilst hot wet steam envelops you.

A steam treatment is a sensuous experience, which should leave you feeling relaxed; it uses wet heat to help improve circulation to the skin and clear out toxins.

Many people believe that regular steam treatments help them to fight off infection, as the circulation boost keeps their immune system in good order; it can also assist with a cold, by clearing airways and allowing you to breathe more easily.

The massage jets aid the rejuvenation process, by soothing your muscles to relax and relieve your body of aches and pains.

A regular steam has the added beauty benefit of cleansing and clearing your pores, giving skin a more radiant appearance and enhancing your general well being.

The electronic descaling system, limescale-prevention membranes on spouts and Jacuzzi Crystal Clear glass coating, mean you won’t have to spend hours cleaning.

You’ll find it difficult to keep your friends away, with this stylish beauty statement in your home.

Priced at £18,000.

The Jacuzzi bathroom collection is sold exclusively through specialist bathroom retailers throughout the UK.

Tel: (01782) 717175

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