William Garvey’s Unique Teak Showering Solutions.

Showering SolutionsWilliam Garvey, the UK furniture designer, is taking bathroom design to fresh heights with its collection of organically individual showering solutions.

The company has successfully designed, built and fitted luxuriant shower trays, duck boards, grids as well as wet rooms for a generation and has created its own distinctive technology, for the creation of this collection.

William Garvey’s teak tiles provide the ideal option for wet-room use, as they are hard wearing, easy to clean and easier to fit than ceramic tiles.

The tiles are also water and rot proof, achieved by use of a teak veneer combined with a plastic backing. This unique design feature ensures there is absolutely no shrinkage, expansion, or movement of the tiles in a moist environment.

These William Garvey teak tiles have connecting tongue and groove joints, to ensure easy installation and evade the call for unnecessary grouting and prevent any discolouration of the wood.

The Shower trays are constructed from a 2.5mm teak veneer, on special marine ply, while the duckboards lids are made of solid teak.

All grids are removable to facilitate cleaning quickly and stand on rubber studs for stability. The shower trays have also been designed with an oval shaped base for better drainage.

Shower Solutions

Shower tray: W 800mm x D 800mm x H 150mm – priced from £890+VAT.

Shower tray: W 800mm x D 800mm x H 165mm – priced from £930+VAT.

Shower Grid: W 800mm x D 800mm x H 25mm – priceed from £630+VAT.

Teak Tiles: 250mm – priced from £160+VAT per mtr.

Duck Board: W 800mm x D 800mm x H 25mm – priced from £450+VAT.

Each product in the collection is available in a standard option, or can be custom made to order.

William Garvey will fulfil any creative design and is able to combine other materials such as metal glass, and leather.

For further information and to view William Garvey’s showering solutions, visit the website.

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