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Why Not Shower Your Valentine with Merlyn Magic?

 Why Not Shower your Valentine with Merlyn Magic

It seems that there are millions of Brits who just find it irresistible, to decorate the house with romantic paraphernalia in celebration of Valentine’s Day – heart shaped wreaths, soaps, roses and themed towels all making a regular appearance.

The bathroom has long been associated with romance. The ultimate act is running your true love a luxurious bath, scattered with rose petals and lit by soft candle-light.

Responding to this, Merlyn Showering believes that this romantic scenario needs to be brought in-line with the habits and needs of people in 2011 – with showers being the preferred option over baths.

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The Luxury of Space

 The Luxury of Space

Inspired by period pieces and traditional manufacturing techniques, Drummonds’ classic bathroom products can take centre stage in our ever-larger bathrooms.

Splendid in their sheer scale, sumptuous materials and solid construction, they revel in the luxury of space.

A former bedroom in a Georgian townhouse has been converted into a vast en-suite for the master bedroom:

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Merlyn Launches New Series 8 Offset Quadrant

 Merlyn Launches New Series 8 Offset Quadrant

As part of their 10th anniversary year, Merlyn Industries Ltd are launching 7 new ranges throughout 2009, including the fabulous Series 8 range.

Featured here is the stunning Series 8, Offset Quadrant, which combines smooth curves and solid chrome angular fittings, to bring instant glamour to the bathroom: The Series 8 Offset Quadrant benefits from 8 mm toughened glass, (standard across the 10 models in the range), tray sizes up to a generous 1200mm; the height is 1950 mm –just perfect for low-level tray installations. A polished chrome finish, creating a classically flawless look, enhances the curves of the enclosure. Translucent seals and cleverly concealed fixings offer a clean “glassline”, which enhances the contemporary feel. Merlyn have also included features to ensure the enclosure remains pristine: twin easy clean rollers and the ingenious Mershield+ coating, which ensure the enclosure’s spectacular luminosity.

The Offset Quadrant is a stunning addition to the Merlyn portfolio, with its curved fixed side panel and spectacular chrome finish.

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Steel & Glass – Supreme Shower Design From Matki

Steel & Glass - Supreme Shower Design From Matki

Matki Showering has unveiled its latest enclosure design – the New Classica Shower; a collection of highly polished stainless steel surrounds available in straight, corner and recess variants, to suit any shape or size of bathroom.

The New Classica is an elegant addition to the extensive collection of shower enclosures offered by Matki Showering:

The shower’s frame is produced from high quality stainless steel, which is polished to give a stylish and glamorous look to any luxury bathroom.

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Drummonds Classic Bathtubs And Accessories

Drummonds Classic Handmade Bathtubs And Accessories

Drummonds started out re-enamelling and restoring original cast iron bathtubs, antique taps and fittings in 1988.

Initially much restoration was done by outside suppliers, however quality and supply issues persuaded owner Drummond Shaw to establish his own production facilities.

Drummonds now produces exquisite collections of classic solid brass door and window furniture, in addition to bath and basin taps and specialist fittings such as basin stands and plunger wastes for baths – all made to stand the test of time.

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Bathroom & Kitchen Makeovers From Surface Doctor

Bathroom And Kitchen Miracle Makeovers From Surface Doctor

A beautiful bathroom and a smart kitchen not only make your home more enjoyable to live in, but can also add value to your property.

Surface Doctor, the leading bathroom and kitchen resurfacing company, has recognised that more people are now opting to restore kitchen and bathroom surfaces in order to save a massive 70% against the cost of a complete replacement.
Surface Doctor’s Miracle Method, is a cost-effective, fast and professional solution, combining state-of-the-art surface restoration technology and a unique surface-bonding agent, to transform old bathrooms and kitchens to look and feel like new.
The company can treat most surfaces, including ceramics, porcelain, and acrylic, plastic and laminates; they can restore anything from baths, basins and shower trays to tiles, kitchen cabinets and worktops.
Surface Doctor mixes all their own materials enabling them to match any décor or colour scheme; the makeovers are completed quickly, so that in less than 24 hours your home can have a beautiful new look, with enduring results.
The company has carried out hundreds of successful makeovers and their customers are convinced that in terms of both time and cost, it really does make sense to renew rather than replace.

Prices start from around £250.00.

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The Silano Shower Enclosure From Aston Matthews

The Unique Silano Shower Enclosure From Aston Matthews

Aston Matthews is a leading London retailer of contemporary and traditional bathrooms, including authentic Victorian cast iron baths and sanitary ware to stunning modern, cutting-edge designs.

The new Silano corner shower enclosure is truly unique, in that the glass panel, curved glass sliding door and stainless steel frame are suspended over the ceramic shower tray.

As the enclosure is not in contact with the tray there is no need for the usual rubber seal, which can harbour germs, make showers difficult to clean and eventually deteriorate; the tray has a raised lip to prevent water splashing onto the floor.

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The New Matki Wet Room Panel

Wet Room Shower Enclosure from Matki

Matki, the leading shower and shower enclosure manufacturer has introduced a panel specifically designed for Wet Rooms.

A high lustre anodised aluminium frame supports the straight glass panel, which is manufactured from 8mm clear toughened safety glass and is available in two sizes.

A thermostatic Swadling shower mixer delivers the water via the chrome brass arm assembly to the 300mm Deluge showerhead and Absolute hand shower.

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Bathrooms with Oriental Inspiration

The Bette Contura Walk-in Shower from Ripples

The premium bathroom retailer Ripples knows just how to create a relaxing bathroom – they have designers who can create a zen-like spa in your own home.

They use dramatic statement pieces such as deep baths or rain sky walk-in showers (e.g. the Bette Contura Shower Tray pictured here) to give a real flavour of the orient.

The Bette Contura Shower Tray is made from eco-friendly steel and enamel and costs £598 + vat.

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Futurion Shower Tray from Villeroy & Boch

Futurion Shower Tray and Enclosure from Villeroy & Boch

As bathrooms become more luxurious there is a demand for the bathroom shower to evolve beyond the traditional cramped cubicle.

In response, Villeroy & Boch have added two large rectangular shower trays and a range of matching shower walls to their Futurion range. The shower trays measure 100cm x 80cm and 150cm x 100cm – the latter being ideal for a walk-in shower.

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