Bathrooms Bachelor Style

 Bathrooms Bachelor Style Apparently boys have now turned their attention to the bathroom, in their efforts to create the ideal bachelor pad.

The rise of the metro-sexual male has excited the awareness of manufacturers, who are now designing products with a markedly masculine appeal.

Audio visual equipment, intelligent shower technology and sleek angular products, are all being created for the Bachelor Bathroom.

Merlyn Showering has a wonderful collection of shower enclosures to meet modern man’s every need:

The Series 6 Sliding Door is an ultra-modern enclosure, which radiates masculine charm from every angle.

The minimalist enclosure is finished in true chrome, comes with easy clean rollers and boasts conveniently high doors.

The Series 6 Sliding Door can be used in a recess (pictured) or with 2 optional minimalist side panels or, if that wasn’t enough, it is also wetroom compatible making this a very adaptable enclosure.

Series 6 Sliding Door Features:

  • Tray Size: 1000 – 1700mm (compatible with Merlyn Merlyte Shower Trays); Height: 1850mm.
  • Includes 6mm Toughened Glass, 50mm adjustment and full length Chrome Magnetic Strips. Priced from £504 inc. VAT.

For further information about Merlyn Showering’s trendy enclosures for bachelors, please visit the website.

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