Bath Versus Showers

Pivot DoorIt appears that more and more people are swapping the bath for a shower. There are many possible reasons for this, perhaps it’s saving time and energy that are the main causes.

Or perhaps baths are too time consuming for us these days, or utilize too much water and ofcourse they do take up a lot of space.

Surprisingly, one in six of those questioned in a Merlyn survey, were unable to remember when they last had a bath!

Merlyn are currently offering a variety of excellent shower enclosure options for the new converts, to enhance their experience by delivering more room and practicality – plus they even look great when not in use.

Also for those who prefer the best of both, Merlyn have launched a choice of smart over bath screens.

Featured here are:

Sliding DoorTop picture – Pivot Door and Inline Panel – A deluxe shower enclosure with various size choices: 2030 mm in height; 1200 mm – 1800 mm; solid chrome handle and stay clear Mershield protected glass.

Middle picture – Recessed Sliding door – A stylish and practical door for recesses; Impressive height – 2100 mm; 10 mm tough glass and stay clear Mershield protected glass.

Bottom picture – MB7 screen for Over Bath – 8 mm tough glass and stay clear Mershield protected glass.

Over Bath ScreenPrices start from £481.50.

For more information and to browse Merlyn Showering’s extensive ranges of shower enclosures visit the website.

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