The Lagoon Bath Can Create A Personal Health Spa

The Lagoon Bath From Bathstore

Bathstore's Lagoon-Bath

As people turn to their bathrooms to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the health spa look has become more and more popular.

Creating Spaces with neutral colours, natural materials and clean lines helps to create a peaceful place to relax and unwind.

Essential to this space is the bath; soaking in luxurious bubbles or indulgent bath oils, surrounded by candles with a glass of champagne, is the ultimate way to end a hard day and wash those worries away.

The new Lagoon freestanding bath from Bathstore, a leading UK bathroom specialist, is an ultra-modern, statement piece, which will instantly transform your bathroom into the relaxed environment of spa-resorts in the Seychelles.

  • The modern design was made with the smaller UK bathrooms in mind; its standard size ensures that it can replace any standard size bath to immediately update the look.
  • Also the design is extra wide at 800mm, allowing you to soak in a sleek, spacious, organic shape, bringing your bathroom up to the cutting edge of design. Priced at £1,799.

Why not add a humidity-loving plant such as a bamboo, fern or orchid to help create a sense of harmony?

Completing the look with Bathstore’s MyPlan furniture for storage will also help to keep the bathroom clutter free.

The Lagoon freestanding bath is made from Touchstoneâ„¢, a new material exclusive to Bathstore, which is similar in texture to Corian, famous for its non-porous quality.

This exceptionally tactile material feels almost soft to the touch – perfect for a long, relaxing soak.

Created for simplicity and clean design there is no tap ledge, so the bath can be positioned as either freestanding, or placed against a wall. Complement it with Bathstore’s full range of wall-mounted and freestanding taps.

For more information about Bathstore’s touchstone baths and other bathroom products, please visit the website.

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