StoneKAST Pinpoints The Advantages Of Natural Stone Baths

The Geo Limestone BathIn response to the continuing fashion for natural materials for bathrooms, StoneKAST, the leading UK manufacturer of limestone sanitary-ware, reveals here the advantages of opting to have a stone bath.

The height of luxury

A bath created from limestone will give an innate charm to a bathroom, presenting not only a striking focal point, but also exceptional bathing comfort.

With its smooth feel, a limestone bath leaves the skin feeling thoroughly pampered. Stone also preserves heat, resulting in the bath water staying warm longer, providing extra time to take pleasure in an extended soak, without having to re-fill.

Long lasting

Stone is exceptionally strong and durable, making it perfect for use in the family bathroom, where it will endure ordinary wear and tear for years and years. It doesn’t crack and if any scratches or chips do happen over time it can be repaired easily. A limestone bath is simple to keep clean, as it requires no extraordinary cleaning materials to remain looking like new.

Flexible designs

A natural stone bath will fit perfectly into a very contemporary or traditional setting. The baths are offered in a range of shapes and sizes, with something suitable for a big family bathroom, or small bathrooms where available space is limited.

StoneKAST supplies a diverse collection of basins and bathtubs made from natural limestone, with eight baths of different shapes to select from, including Ovale, the top of its range, with its exclusive oval shape.

The Geo bathtub pictured here, presents cutting-edge angles, making it ideal for an ultra-modern bathroom

The timelessly elegant Classic bath features a gently sloping back.

As the name implies, the Petite bath, is just right for smaller bathrooms, whilst StoneKAST’s new Mini bathtubs are compact in length to provide full adaptability, regardless of the available floor space.

Also available are Countertop washbasins to match, crafted from the same top quality limestone, to enable absolute co-ordination and a natural finish for the bathroom.

Visit the website for further information and to see StoneKAST’s entire collection of luxury freestanding baths.

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